Our School


School Facts

  • The building was once a traditional Argentine family home.
  • Conveniently located near all center attractions.
  • A two-blocks walk from most bus stops.
  • In a safe and bustling neighborhood.

School Location


  • Welcome lunch and city tour around Córdoba Center.
  • Weekly suggestions of activities.
  • Open use of kitchen facilities.
  • Tea, coffee, milk and cool water at your disposal.

Closed Dates 2014

Jan 1 / Mar 3 / Mar 4 / Mar 24 / Apr 2 / Apr 17 / Apr 18 / May 1 / May 2 / May 25 / Jun 20 / Jul 9 / Aug 18 / Oct 13 / Nov 24 / Dec 8 / Dec 25 / 26 Dec.

Our Teachers

Our Academic Coordinator is in charge of carefully selecting all instructors based on their credentials, experience, and their mission to teach Spanish to learners at all levels. Teachers are there to act as guides throughout your journey learning a new language, and to creatively stimulate that process as well as make it a comfortable experience. A careful balance between professionalism and fun personality make for efficient and dynamic classes – most importantly enriching the experience with culture as well as just language.
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Percentage of students by nationality


School Facilities

icon1 9 spacious classrooms
icon2 Students's meeting room
icon3 Wi-fi Conection
icon4 Equiped kitchen
icon5 Audio & Video Room
icon6 Open-air Patio
icon7 Balconies with a beautiful city view
icon8 Teacher's Room

Meet our Staff