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COINED Spanish school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, allows you not only to learn Spanish but also to take up cultural activities in order to become fully immersed in the local culture.

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La Bombonera Stadium

This is the stadium that belongs to a very famous club called Boca Juniors. The building is painted with the club’s colours (yellow and blue). In the Tour you will be able to go around its premises and if they are not playing a game, you may even enter and step on the same field that the football players do. Also, you will be able to go into its museum where you will get to know the clubs history.


Le Recoleta Cemetery

Its name comes from the neighborhood where it is located and although it might not be an attraction for most people, this cemetery has a mysterious appeal. There is impressive architecture and sculptures to see while going around the cemetery. But, the biggest attraction is all the celebrities who used to belong to the aristocracy that have been buried here.


Planetarium & Palermo Forest

The tour consists of visiting three different places. The Buenos Aires Zoo is the first stop. There you will find about 2500 animal species. Then, you will go to the Botanical Garden where you will be able to appreciate flora of all the continents as well as a wide number of statues, and the mansion of Charles Thays, who designed it himself. On the opposite side of the street, you will be able to see the Rural Exhibition Center. There, a wide number of exhibitions take place throughout the year.


Visit to a Milonga

If you love Tango, you must go to a Milonga! Milonga is a typical rhythm of Argentina. If you choose this trip, you will be able to dance it along with the locals. But if you do not like dancing, you can seat down and enjoy the show while tasting delicious local food.

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